Book Mock-up Free Scene.jpg

Title: <Chou Chou>

Date: 2018

Illustrator: Rita Tu

Application: Picture Book

Medium: Watercolor Pencil, Pen, Photoshop


This is an illustration book I created for my dog, Chou Chou. This book is based on a true story that I want to share.

The summer of 2008, I graduated from my middle school. My parents promised me that I can have a dog if I get into a good high school. I spent the whole summer vacation to saving money and dreaming about dogs. Somehow, I saw a street dog started to showing around in my life. I can see the dog frequently when I go home from the place I took my art class. That dog is small but very independent. Some people bullied him but he never afraid. At the same time, he kept away from human until one day I saved him from a fight with a group of boys. This dog started to following me.... everywhere. That's how the story begins.

This book can be read from both sides. One side is about my life and the other side is my dog's. Two characters will meet each other in the middle of the book.

Now, I brought Chou Chou from China to the USA. He is an old dog and I am not a little girl anymore. But when I look at my dog, it always brings me back to that magical summer and recalls the ten years of my life.

I guess everybody has a magical summer which is ordinary but also special. Shining in our memory.